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  • Info A battleground is the site of a battle.
  • The river and its valley were important battlegrounds in the first World War.
  • The old battleground of Europe knew what war meant; no country in the world knew better. Cited from Kings, Queens And Pawns, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • The march was continued, and the troops arrived at the battleground two hours after the action had closed. Cited from Sketches of Western North Carolina, Historical & Biographical, by Hunter
  • On any time-line, this section of East Europe was a natural battleground. Cited from Temple Trouble, by Henry Beam Piper
  • The schools became political battlegrounds after the end of the Second Empire.
  • Of course the nature and extent of the changes thus produced are the battlegrounds of the two schools. Cited from Modern Religious Cults and Movements, by Gaius Glenn Atkins
  • Central Asia has served more as the battleground for outside powers than as a power in its own right.
  • Land was cleared surrounding the city to create battlegrounds and open areas for fire.
  • When the Civil War began, however, the port became a major battleground.
  • This drug was first discovered in the battlegrounds of the war, so the dead soldiers could get up and keep fighting.
  • At night, the city streets and its temple area were transformed into a battleground.
  • Our colleges and universities have again become places of learning instead of battlegrounds. Cited from Complete State of the Union Addresses
  • Battleground is the second studio album by British-Irish boy band The Wanted.
  • Players can also help each other working together to complete battlegrounds and there are also player versus player battles.
  • He said the main battleground now is "the struggle between the mind and the soul" in each person.
  • He also gave information for one of the earliest maps of the battleground.
  • Earth was the prize they fought for and Earth was their battleground.
  • It has been in a battleground long ago when the French and British forces fought here around a century ago.
  • The Battlegrounds Team plans to create and release a new version.
  • He began to move his troops to the battleground.
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