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  • The battlecruisers were ordered to travel to a point south of the meeting point, then turn north.
  • Only one man was killed and five wounded aboard the battlecruisers during the battle.
  • Instead, the decision was made to build the O-class battlecruisers only.
  • Nevertheless, only one man had been killed and five wounded aboard the battlecruisers.
  • Only one country, the Soviet Union, considered building battlecruisers after the war.
  • The smaller design also did not feature the speed advantage over opponents that the battlecruisers had.
  • Like most of the modern British battlecruisers, she never left the North Sea during the war.
  • Once the characteristics of the new ships were revealed, Germany began building battlecruisers in response.
  • Cut off from escape she was quickly disabled by the much larger guns of the battlecruisers.
  • The most successful of these early aircraft carriers were built from battlecruisers.
  • Russia has four Kirov-class battlecruisers, though only one is active, the other three being laid up.
  • The four ships were the first battlecruisers ordered by the Imperial Japanese Navy.
  • This design philosophy was most successful in action when the battlecruisers could use their speed to run down smaller and weaker ships.
  • These were completed on the hulls of under-construction battlecruisers with powerful engines, giving them very high speed.
  • The three cruisers then returned to their stations ahead of the German battlecruisers.
  • Strassburg nearly approached the battlecruisers, but saw them in time and turned away.
  • However, as was the case with all later German battlecruisers, the ship could be run dramatically higher.
  • The next year's naval bill authorized two more battleships and two more battlecruisers.
  • In English language reference works they are sometimes referred to as battleships and sometimes as battlecruisers.
  • During the war, the surviving battlecruisers saw extensive action, and many were sunk.
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