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  • When you are battered on the outside, it cannot help changing you inside.
  • He often battered them and treated them as less than human.
  • By day four, the battered division was too weak to make any attempt to reach the bridge.
  • She was the first woman in Canada to use the battered woman defense on a murder charge.
  • Before the 1970s, very little help was available to battered women.
  • But a storm battered his ships into pieces and many of his soldiers drowned.
  • However, she goes through with the wedding and becomes a battered wife.
  • It is the first shelter for battered women and their children in that state.
  • After leaving the hospital, they come across an office building where a janitor with battered face.
  • She was the first woman in Canada to use the battered woman defence on a murder charge.
  • The German forces involved were extremely battered from previous fighting and still had no winter clothing.
  • Marie woman who became the first in Canada to use the battered woman defence.
  • You'll also pass by the very battered remains of part of the old Muslim town.
  • However, the couple are soon confronted by their new home's battered structure.
  • After the charge had been set and exploded, the last men left the battered ship.
  • On the day after the battle a severe storm battered the surviving ships.
  • The economic recovery in the long-battered region did not take place until the 18th century.
  • Defense attorneys called her a battered wife who killed in self-defense.
  • Another compared his experience on the magazine to that of a battered wife who keeps returning to her husband.
  • He drowned and his body was battered against the rocks as his wife watched.
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Root form of battered is batter for the verb.

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