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  • As a lower-order batsman, he scored just a single run in his debut.
  • The batsman will see the back of the hand when the ball is released.
  • Hill was a right-handed batsman who played in the upper-middle-order.
  • He was a left-handed middle order batsman, and scored one first class century.
  • He was a left-handed middle order batsman, and scored one first class century.
  • Many other former players of the game rate him extremely high overall as a batsman.
  • As a result, he led the league in hit batsmen a few years.
  • A left-handed batsman, he made six known appearances in first-class matches.
  • He was a left-handed batsman, and made one first-class century in his career.
  • He made five first-class and seven second-class appearances for the county as a lower-order batsman.
  • A batsman can neither get out on that ball nor score any run on that ball.
  • The batsman's position was half way between first and fourth goals. Cited from The Story of Cooperstown, by Ralph Birdsall
  • The batsmen may, however, attempt to score runs and may be run out.
  • He was a middle order batsman who played at the turn of the 1980s.
  • This is because the batsman is more likely to attempt to hit the ball.
  • This made him the first batsman to score centuries on Test debut against four countries.
  • An orthodox batsman, he often scored runs when his team were under pressure.
  • A left-handed batsman, he scored seven runs with a best of four not out.
  • Smith was a right-handed batsman, who played five first-class matches and three one day games.
  • He was still a star batsman at the major league level.
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