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  • Today, the area surrounding the fort includes a park and a bathing beach.
  • The arrival of this additional population created certain health issues, as regular bathing was not so common then.
  • The complex also includes several other sports fields, a sports hall and a bathing resort.
  • It is then seen that he meets three girls who are waiting for him as he is bathing.
  • A separate bathing area is very popular with local families.
  • Bathing can take place in any situation where there is water, ranging from warm to cold.
  • Public bathing became much more common than in earlier periods.
  • Because the bathing process took so long, conversation was necessary.
  • Roman remains have also been found to the south, at hot springs used for public bathing to this day.
  • He apparently did not drink water, nor use it for bathing.
  • They did however make use of the bathing machines for changing into and out of their clothes.
  • Bathing under these falls is very exhilarating and is considered very good for health.
  • One of the hot spots in this area is still used for bathing.
  • Also, many people can be found swimming or bathing around there.
  • Ustinov designed his own bathing suit used in one scene of the film.
  • Bathing in spring water is available in approved facilities at extra cost.
  • The well house was used for bathing children suffering from a variety of diseases.
  • The first title to be released was Why is a Bathing Girl?
  • The city has also some good beaches for bathing and sport activities.
  • However, they have survived to this day as bathing boxes in many parts around the world.
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Root form of bathing is bath for the verb.

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  • noun Immersing the body in water or sunshine