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  • During all those years he was known throughout the coast as the San Francisco basso. Cited from Sixty Years of California Song, by Margaret Blake-Alverson
  • When his voice broke, he became a basso profondo and soon became well-known.
  • The secretary of the society came in, and the basso attacked him at once. Cited from Between You and Me, by Sir Harry Lauder
  • They started a long-distance relationship and he planned to move to Texas with Basso.
  • Most workers did not accept Bassi's species because of his poor description.
  • Most workers did not accept Bassi's species because of his poor description.
  • Probably by the late 1980s rights to the name had passed to the Basso brothers.
  • In his prime he was one of the most respected bassos in Italy.
  • As a political figure, the Senate expected Bassi to attend various events.
  • He spoke in a warm, mellow basso that had won my heart from the first. Cited from The Rise of David Levinsky, by Abraham Cahan
  • Basso put in repeated attacks in the front of the race.
  • Basso achieved his first Grand Tour stage victory at the race, on the twelfth stage.
  • The Railway station in Morinda has been moved out of town towards Bassi.
  • A full basso box is half the size of an Apple box.
  • The following year saw Ivan Basso win his second overall race.
  • "Could you get hold of this -- this boy basso and bring him here without letting him or his mother know?" Cited from Flowing Gold, by Rex Beach
  • Before Basso could turn professional, his parents wanted to see him finish his Technical Geometry studies.
  • Since the beginning of his academic career, Dr. Bassi has been interested in practical applications of his research.
  • His musical works are among the first to use basso continuo.
  • His voice, a deep basso, rarely was heard, in fact, anywhere else. Cited from The Bread-winners, by John Hay
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