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  • As a result, many different growth faults are created as sediment loads shift basinward and landward.
  • Oil and gas exploration is usually concentrated very close to these faults in the downthrown block because the gain size and the layer thickness decrease basinward.
  • Geologists who study the positions of coastal sediment deposits through time have noted dozens of similar basinward shifts of shorelines associated with a later recovery.
  • Those structures are usually formed simultaneously and are thought to be created as a result of sediments filling the gap that is formed hypothetically by the basinward movement of the downthrown block.
  • The rate of tectonic uplift is directly related to the amount of sediment available and variations in sea level will determine the ease with which this sediment is transported basinward.
  • Therefore, permeability, effective porosity and reservoir capacity decrease basinward.
  • Much of the Gulf of Mexico subsurface is dominated by relatively horizontal and undeformed salt that has advanced basinward ahead of continental shelf tectonic activity.
  • The downthrown block slips downward and basinward relative to the upthrown block.
  • The upthrown block - the footwall - is landward of the fault plane and the downthrown block - the hanging wall - is basinward of the fault plane.
  • Wadell found the long axis aligned with paleocurrent, and dipping basinward in glacial sediments, whereas deltaic gravels may be oppositely inclined.
  • In a regression, if the water depth is decreasing, the shoreline migrates seaward (basinward) and the previous shoreline is eroded.
  • In a typical scenario, a sedimentary basin deepens away from a marginal flexure, and the accompanying isochronous strata typically thicken basinward.
  • The Cenozoic Era is a time of extensive deformation of the northern Gulf of Mexico basin and underlying Jurassic salt due to progradation of the continental shelf; evidenced by the basinward progression of the major fault systems found in the area.
  • Above or basinward are found the Silurian-Devonian dolostones and limestones with Carboniferous (Mississippian and Pennsylvanian) strata filling the center.
  • The footwall - landward of the fault plane - has undisturbed sedimentary strata that dip gently toward the basin while the hanging wall - on the basin side of the fault plane - has folded and faulted sedimentary strata that dip landward close to the fault and basinward away from it.
  • For example when the basinward (oceanward) shift with progradation of shorelines was occurring in the Book Cliffs area of Utah the shorelines were receding or transgressing northwards in Wyoming.