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  • An investigation is commenced, but the only party to be found guilty is Basini.
  • Beinberg and Reiting compensate for their own shame about their attraction to Basini by debasing him.
  • This disgust with Basini's passivity ultimately leads him almost off-handedly to stand up to Beineberg and Reiting.
  • Their abusive treatment of Basini becomes openly sexual and increasingly sadistic; nevertheless, he endures all the torture even when, after being deprived of any dignity, he is discredited by the entire class.
  • He observes and takes part in the torture and rape of Basini while telling himself that he is trying to understand the gap between his rational self and his obscure irrational self; he is a disturbed and despairing observer of his own states of consciousness.
  • Basini left DL-LpI in 2004 in order to join the re-established Italian Liberal Party of Stefano De Luca, while Pagliuzzi remained in charge of party leadership.
  • The homosexual Basini is somewhat complicit in the abuse, as he apparently enjoys the sexual aspect of Beineberg and Reiting's "experiments".
  • Mario Basini (born 1943) is a journalist, broadcaster and author, the son of a Welsh Italian cafe owner in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.
  • Amaldi was born in Carpaneto Piacentino, son of Ugo Amaldi, professor of mathematics at the University of Padua, and Luisa Basini.
  • In 2001 Pagliuzzi and Basini left AN, due to their exclusion from party lists for the general election, and re-established DLI, renaming it Liberal Right - Liberals for Italy (Destra Liberale - Liberali per l'Italia, DL-LpI).