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  • The tradition is that this came from Basingwerk Abbey but there is no evidence to support this.
  • Near the ruins of Basingwerk Abbey is a farm and museum which visitors can enter for a small fee.
  • Dafydd was involved in the skirmish near Basingwerk in which King Henry was nearly killed.
  • Only the socket remains of this boundary cross, built by the monks of Basingwerk Abbey in North Wales.
  • Owain's army made camp at Basingwerk to block the route to Twthill at Rhuddlan.
  • An earthwork that runs north-south along the English/Welsh border from Basingwerk near Holywell to Oswestry.
  • The first cross on the site may have been set up by the Abbots of Basingwerk Abbey to mark the southern boundary of their land, granted in 1157.
  • A legend says a 12th-century Basingwerk Abbey monk was lured into a nearby wood by the singing of a nightingale.
  • The farms surrounding the village were medieval monastic granges in the care of the monks of Basingwerk Abbey.
  • Some of the stained glass windows in the church came from the dissolved abbey at Basingwerk on the banks of the River Dee below Holywell.
  • Eustace died in July 1157 near Basingwerk in Flintshire, where on campaign with Henry against the Welsh he was ambushed and killed.
  • Intending to reach the fortresses of Rhuddlan and Basingwerk, Henry II expected resistance and recruited a sizeable force from his kingdoms.
  • Basingwerk Abbey uses a northern equivalent of the Pennant, the Cefn Sandstone.
  • It is well known for its woodland, reservoirs, ancient monuments (including the ruins of Basingwerk Abbey), rich industrial past and its factories which played a big part in the Industrial Revolution.
  • The medieval economy was based on sheep pasture and the production of wool by farmers who were tenants of the Abbot of Basingwerk and later the Talbot family.
  • Once abbey land belonging to nearby Basingwerk Abbey, Pantasaph came into the possession of the Pennant family at the Dissolution of the Monasteries.
  • In 1157, Owain Gwynedd encamped his army at Basingwerk before facing the forces of Henry II at the Battle of Ewloe.
  • Coenwulf died in 821 at Basingwerk near Holywell, Flintshire, probably while making preparations for a campaign against the Welsh that took place under his brother and successor, Ceolwulf, the following year.
  • Coastal Wales along the Dee Estuary must have remained under Mercia through 821, as Coenwulf is recorded dying peacefully at Basingwerk in that year.
  • Simmondley is at the bottom of the so-called Monks' Road and its Abbot's Chair, a road used by the monks of Basingwerk Abbey to administer the abbey's estate.
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