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  • Basinger has been described as "one of the most important film scholars alive today."
  • At the end of the video, Basinger is seen floating in the water with her eyes open.
  • Not long after her Ford deal, Basinger appeared on the cover of magazines.
  • Basinger studied ballet from about age three to her mid-teens.
  • Meanwhile, Rob Basinger was hired on to head UK operations during the summer of the same year.
  • During the final scenes of the video, Tom is seen carrying Basinger through a cave before placing her in the water.
  • Basinger's haunted beauty burns in the memory - this is her finest work.
  • The film, on the whole, was not received well, despite praise for Kim Basinger's performance.
  • Kim Basinger had perhaps the most successful post-Bond career.
  • Peters suggested Kim Basinger: she was able to join the production immediately and was cast.
  • Basinger has described herself as extremely shy and lonely during her childhood, and has stated that she faced many hardships during her school years as a result.
  • Ain't It Cool News called Basinger's performance "her best in years".
  • After Ryan pulled out of the project, the producers wanted Kim Basinger for the role.
  • The model on the cover of the album is Kim Basinger.
  • Basinger won once, while being nominated twice (both in 1997).
  • The box-office receipts were considered poor given the talent of Gere and Basinger, and the well regarded director.
  • He was living in Mississippi when he called and left a threatening message for Judge Randall Basinger.
  • Although she's playing a stock character, Basinger exudes a sort of chaste sultriness.
  • More details on Basinger's movie and TV awards and nominations are available on her IMDb page.
  • Basinger feels that in the early forties, Marion was more popular than her sister Betty.
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