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  • They supplied no evidence to support it, basing it instead on personal opinion.
  • In its final form, Basing House was made up of two linked houses.
  • By basing many of her books there, Robinson has made herself well known in the area.
  • Made in Basing Street is the final product of these six years' work by the band.
  • Although the move was called a retirement, she carried on with writing, often basing stories in Mexico.
  • He did so a few months later by basing himself in Nottingham.
  • However, some problems have been encountered with basing agencies in the eastern states.
  • They developed the game basing on the system from the Resident Evil series.
  • Sam came up with the idea of basing the song around a homeless man.
  • He did not use models, basing the faces of his human figures on stories he read and some completely invented.
  • The city now had two self-proclaimed governments, each basing its claims on the same principle.
  • Beach believed basing composition on models to be very important when composing in a new form.
  • Milian received writing credit for seven songs on the album, often basing them on personal experiences.
  • Also, you can consider basing your strategy on your audience personality.
  • Gang members basing drug trade in the woods also became a concern.
  • I was basing this advice upon my own bitter experience. Cited from Northern Nut Growers Association Annual Report 1915, by Various
  • Its interior layout also changes each time, basing itself on a different geometric shape.
  • Basing themselves in Berlin, the band continued work on the album while touring in Europe.
  • While they knew they were basing their party on a joke, they were not having a joke party.
  • Territories can hold up to three airfields, which must be constructed prior to basing aircraft there.
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Root form of basing is base for the verb.

Meaning of basing

  • verb Situate as a center of operations
    we will base this project in the new lab