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  • Historically this sequence of rocks has been subdivided in different ways with different names in each of the basinal areas in which it is found.
  • The genesis of the basinal lakes, however, S.V. Parnachov admitted so far as ice-dammed one.
  • Early Namurian basinal mudstones are the source rocks for these hydrocarbons.
  • The sediments that contain fragments of early cemented limestones of extra-basinal origin are called extraclasts.
  • The formation of the foreland basin through rapid subsidence initiated a transgressive sequences that deposited basinal black shales.
  • Bengal basin comprises three structural unit: shelf or platform in the west; central hinge or shelf/slope break; and deep basinal part in the east and southeast.
  • Within these inland seas, goniatites' greatest abundance and diversity appears to have been achieved in deeper offshore and basinal environments rather than in nearshore environments.
  • The rocks are a generally regressive sequence from basinal facies to clastic sedimentation.
  • Examples of such basinal environments include backarc, forearc, passive margin, epicontinental, and extensional basins.
  • By the Middle Ordovician, articulates had diversified to become important components of all marine environments except the deep basin; inarticulates were most important in offshore and basinal settings.
  • Because major clastic wedges and basinal deposits are distributed in a southwestward progression, it is assumed they originated from areas near promontories, areas along the continental margin where deformation is concentrated.
  • Soils developed over the lava deposits are mainly lithosols, while regosols are predominant on the Quaternary and pre-Cretaceous basinal deposits.
  • At the base of the Stretton Group the rocks are of basinal oceanic facies and as time goes a coarsening occurs with increased terrigenous input from the continent.
  • Deposition of thick basinal clastic rocks of the Atoka, Strawn, and Canyon Formations occurred at this time.
  • Basement rocks are composed mainly of Tertiary lava flows, although there are also Quaternary basinal deposits at the northern end and pre-Cretaceous basinal deposits on the northern coast of Somalia.
  • Turbidite facies are prevalent in the Burway Formation and the deep marine basinal environments continue toward the base of the supergroup within the Stretton Shale Formation.
  • Since the mid-1960s AGIP geologists and the Italian Geological Survey recognized that the western part of the promontory is part of the shallow-water Apulia Platform, whereas the eastern part is characterized by slope and basinal deposits.
  • Rifting resulted in the opening of basinal area called the Kysuca basin or Vahic Ocean (South Penninic or Piemont ocean equivalent) to the south of the Oravic area.
  • Although some lake terraces of the basinal preglacial bodies of water in the mountains of South Siberia were mapped in the early 20th century (it was done incidentally during some geological and botanical investigations), the question of the evacuation mechanisms of these lakes did not even arise.
  • The Middle Jurassic marine formations are also extremely rich in marine invertebrates and drifted floral remains, while the Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous units display basinal and carbonate platform features (Bucur, 1997).
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Meaning of basinal

  • adjective Of or relating to a basin
    basinal deposits