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  • Several streams in the western part of the county are part of the Stones River basin.
  • Some scholars believe these basins were used to collect blood from animal sacrifice.
  • Here it entered a substantial freshwater lake in the southern North Sea basin.
  • They are most closely identified as among the Great Basin Indians.
  • Wetlands can occur along the coast as well as the interior river basins.
  • As a result, the basin contains large areas of fertile agricultural soil.
  • Ten large Water Authorities were established based on river basins and catchment areas.
  • It's impossible to make a full account of these things given the irregular nature of the sea basins.
  • Second, it has the best agricultural land in the proximity of those basins.
  • It has basins with banks in between which are great fishing grounds.
  • From this region they reached Malta island and other countries of Mediterranean basin.
  • This led to the formation of a back arc basin, the Black Sea.
  • A true ocean basin developed to the west, breaking all the earlier formations along a steep front.
  • The existence of a number of distinct sedimentary basins throughout Britain has been established.
  • One of the southwestern basins, with its floor below sea-level, has a plain of salt in its center.
  • This pattern is repeated throughout the Mediterranean basin and across Europe in general.
  • The county is divided between two major basins.
  • November is the only month that activity in all the tropical cyclone basins is possible.
  • The borough covers a group of hills on the northern edge of the London Basin.
  • Models are often tested in special facilities known as model basins.
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Meaning of basin

  • noun A bowl-shaped vessel; usually used for holding food or liquids
    she mixed the dough in a large basin
  • noun The quantity that a basin will hold
    a basinful of water
  • noun A natural depression in the surface of the land often with a lake at the bottom of it
    the basin of the Great Salt Lake