basin area

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  • The sea covered more than one million square kilometers in the central basin area.
  • Its basin area is, and its year-average discharge is per second.
  • The region is usually being divided into lower, central and upper basin areas, each with its own different characteristics.
  • The sea covered more than one million km 2 in the central basin area.
  • However, as the yard is located in a basin area, water does not drain quickly enough.
  • The climate of the area has four distinct seasons that occur in the northern Great Basin area.
  • It extends for, a basin area of, with an average annual flow of per second.
  • A reservoir was built immediately north of the basin area.
  • However Orissa has not taken up new projects in the basin area to utilize its share of water.
  • The importance of its basin area is demonstrated by the presence of three Enel power plants.
  • This water used outside the basin area is also serving the salt export purpose since salts are transferred outside the basin.
  • He has a deep interest in Western North American archaeology, especially in the Great Basin area.
  • The total basin area is the largest in Jordan.
  • It is long and its basin area is, It is shallow and dries up frequently.
  • Its total length is and the basin area is, Most of the river's length stretches across Ukraine.
  • The Onega basin area has an important historical and cultural significance.
  • Following the master plan, fill was obtained and new docks were built, which increased the basin area to triple that in use previously.
  • The basin area has elevations of and supports a few rivers.
  • Both basin areas were infilled with concrete soon after.
  • Note: The rivers are ordered by their drainage basin area within Chile.
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