basic principle

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  • While the basic principle is the same, the system itself is more complex.
  • Despite this, certain basic principles must have been common to all types of building.
  • He considered this a basic principle that could be applied to all languages.
  • Many of the more basic principles of this theory are now generally accepted in many areas.
  • This broad variety of work is held together by two basic principles.
  • The basic principle of supply has not changed much over time.
  • However, the basic principle remains the same: What goes in must come out.
  • Let us return to our original basic principle and see what light it may throw upon our problem. Cited from Craftsmanship in Teaching, by William Chandler Bagley
  • I have tried to indicate some of the basic principles of a new society. Cited from Towards the Great Peace, by Ralph Adams Cram
  • He influenced many young students to follow the basic principles of the Faith throughout their lives.
  • He is putting into practice the basic principles of co-operation. Cited from The Red Conspiracy, by Joseph J. Mereto
  • But there will seldom be any serious trouble when once its basic principles are understood. Cited from The History of the Telephone, by Herbert N. Casson
  • There are three basic principles on which the systems work.
  • Its basic principle is the importance of men and boys to speak out against all forms of violence against women.
  • Although it uses the same basic principles, it is a different process because of the difference in scale.
  • Every sound and pedagogical method of teaching reading must include two basic principles. Cited from How to Teach Phonics, by Lida M. Williams
  • The basic principle in these cases remains the same.
  • It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built.
  • The goals and basic principles have remained the same, but the methods have slightly changed over the years.
  • Rather they, like everything else in the visible world, are composed of the basic principles matter and form.
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