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  • Info Basal or basilar is a term meaning base, bottom, or minimum.
  • A change in basal rate is felt around two hours after the action is done.
  • Studies using genetic data have also supported a basal position for this species.
  • Students who are reading below grade level will receive some benefits from using the on-level basal.
  • They can have a basal or terminal group of leaves or neither of these types.
  • Some species have mainly basal leaves, and some have leaves along the stem, as well.
  • The western part appears to have been very active, with wet basal conditions, while the eastern part was cold based.
  • Basal rates often even vary from hour to hour throughout the day.
  • Since the stone age, species loss has accelerated above the average basal rate, driven by human activity.
  • S. argentea has a large spread of basal leaves that measure wide and high.
  • On the other hand, basal rate increases dramatically when an individual is highly active.
  • Basal rate requirements can differ for individuals depending on the activities they will carry out on that particular day.
  • But it seems that all these three taxa are fairly basal members of the genus.
  • Basal rate can be raised and lowered through various methods.
  • The leaves are basal and have a grass-like appearance.
  • If blood sugar levels decreased, one should lower their basal rate by 20% next time.
  • Some studies showed a basal, or low, position in the diapsid tree.
  • The tail was largely dark, but the underside of the basal one third to one half was light yellow.
  • Basal cell carcinomas are present on sun-exposed areas of the skin, especially the face.
  • The basal leaves may be different from those near the inflorescence.
  • Amongst the three families the Alcedinidae are basal to the other two families.
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