barnyard gate

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  • Everything had been very different when old Fido lived in his little house by the barnyard gate. Cited from The Wise Mamma Goose, by Charlotte B. Herr
  • At the barnyard gate her father stopped her -- he looked worried. Cited from The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, by John Fox,Jr
  • Down through the barnyard gate he saw the hired men coming, and a second glance discovered to him that two unknown men were with them. Cited from The Desert of Wheat, by Zane Grey
  • On the barnyard gate the old Shanghai was lustily challenging to mortal combat one of his kind three miles across country. Cited from The Song of the Cardinal/Gene Stratton-Porter
  • He stalked to the barnyard gate and opened it. Cited from Merton of the Movies, by Harry Leon Wilson
  • At the barnyard gate he seemed to hesitate a second, then turned in, and the small, gray-haired woman on the step sighed and went back into the house. Cited from Williams Anthology, Compiled by Edwin Partridge Lehman and Julian Park