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  • We barnyard creatures must live at peace with each other until we die. Cited from The Talking Beasts, by Various
  • He was the king of the barnyard, and took care of them all. Cited from The Wise Mamma Goose, by Charlotte B. Herr
  • Each five minute episode is set in a barnyard full of the usual farm animals.
  • Get out of my barnyard before I treat you as I did him! Cited from Andy at Yale, by Roy Eliot Stokes
  • Another act will be in the barnyard, and we can use as many animals there as we can get. Cited from Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue Giving a Show, by Laura Lee Hope
  • Over the river and through the wood, And straight through the barnyard gate! Cited from Poems Teachers Ask For, by Various
  • When they reach the barnyard fence they stand outside calling to be let in. Cited from Seven O'Clock Stories, by Robert Gordon Anderson
  • I wouldn't have asked anything better than to take and roll him around his own barnyard. Cited from Andy at Yale, by Roy Eliot Stokes
  • Probably few farm barnyards had ever offered an attraction like it before. Cited from TCB Across The Continent, by Edg. Darlington
  • The silence that lay over the barnyard lasted until the woman felt she could speak without a break in her voice. Cited from Poor White, by Sherwood Anderson
  • Each player in the group is given some barnyard noise to represent. Cited from School, Church, and Home Games, by George O. Draper
  • One girl had kept her brother from shooting two owls that came about their barnyard. Cited from Beautiful Joe, by Marshall Saunders
  • Across the barnyard and through a shed we made our way into the castle ruins. Cited from Norah's Tour of Ireland, Margaret Dixon McDougall
  • We could see people moving around in Pryors' barnyard when our men started. Cited from Laddie, by Gene Stratton Porter
  • I stand and look long at my barnyard family. Cited from Adventures In Friendship, by David Grayson
  • So they gave him a corner in the barnyard and fed him rice and water. Cited from The Talking Beasts, by Various
  • A barnyard chanticleer and his family afford more matter than the best book ever written. Cited from Field and Hedgerow, by Richard Jefferies
  • It has blown through the fields and barnyards and all the common places of the land. Cited from Gala-Days, by Gail Hamilton (Abigail Dodge)
  • It would seem like going out in the barnyard and slaying a friendly old family horse. Cited from In Africa, by John T. McCutcheon
  • All I will say is that after the meadow scene came the one in the barnyard. Cited from Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue Giving a Show, by Laura Lee Hope
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Meaning of barnyard

  • noun A yard adjoining a barn