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  • The man is then seen speaking to another man and bargaining for more money.
  • He's had time to do all his bargainings and been back three days ago. Cited from The Lone Ranche, by Captain Mayne Reid
  • Union members had learned that more members meant more bargaining power.
  • Decision-making power is central to the bargaining position of women within the household.
  • In almost all large complex business negotiations, a certain amount of bargaining takes place.
  • The party used its bargaining power to close down the Religious Affairs ministry.
  • He decided to use these prisoners in bargaining with the East India Company.
  • One can buy rare books at throw-away prices and extensive bargaining take place.
  • Bargaining may take place more in rural and semi-urban areas than in a metro city.
  • Under these circumstances any political bargaining might well have been disastrous to Home Rule.
  • They are parked near the main bus stop and these are available without much bargaining.
  • The problem can also be divided so that parts of the whole objective become subject to bargaining during different stages.
  • This moment more than anything else finally forces the strikers and the management to come to the bargaining table.
  • Former general manager Michael Hayes stated that bargaining had been taking place in good faith.
  • To determine whether there is a positive bargaining zone each party must understand their bottom line or worst case price.
  • A standard enterprise bargaining agreement would last for three years.
  • The kernel contains all imputations where no player has this bargaining power over another.
  • With a negative bargaining zone both parties may (and should) walk away.
  • Many cultures take offence when they perceive the other side as having started bargaining too soon.
  • Los Angeles went without vegetables for several weeks, finally bringing the city to the bargaining table.
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Root form of bargaining is bargain for the verb.

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Meaning of bargaining

  • noun The negotiation of the terms of a transaction or agreement
  • verb Come to terms; arrive at an agreement