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  • Finally, he began to find enough work to support himself, if just barely.
  • The film barely broke even at the box office in its initial release.
  • The field was just barely large enough to fit a football field.
  • These words may range from well known to barely known (see degree of knowledge below).
  • Though it was barely half-past seven, her sister was dressed for the street. Cited from The Pit, by Frank Norris
  • Yet it was not so very late, barely half-past nine. Cited from Winding Paths, by Gertrude Page
  • Without an electric guitar, he could barely be heard over the sound of the group.
  • He had barely known his father before he died.
  • Current efforts are barely keeping up with the growth of the plant.
  • Despite the all-star cast, Words and Music barely broke even at the box office.
  • Despite being barely competitive, the Jazz drew well during their first five years.
  • During this time, her health was declining, and she could barely get out of bed.
  • Ball was surprised to hear from him -- a man she barely knew.
  • The small win in Indiana barely kept her campaign alive for the next month.
  • He was surprised to find that it was still early when he got back to his room, barely half past nine. Cited from The Witness, by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  • Then another voice was calling, it barely could be heard.
  • However, it did not achieve the required effect and barely damaged the tree.
  • However, he earns his teaching degree, just barely, at a second-rate college.
  • The highest type of ruler is one of whose existence the people are barely aware.
  • Philip barely escaped capture, but among the prisoners were his wife and their nine-year-old son.
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Meaning of barely

  • adverb Only a very short time before
    they could barely hear the speaker, we hardly knew them, just missed being hit, had scarcely rung the bell when the door flew open, would have scarce arrived before she would have found some excuse to leave"- W.B.Yeats