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  • The eye is surrounded by a small area of bare skin, which is either white or yellow.
  • The nest site is a bare spot on the ground near water.
  • Then he walked back to the cathedral in his bare feet and cast himself face down in front of the entrance.
  • The bill and bare skin around the face are yellow.
  • A single egg was laid on bare ground up to from shore.
  • Then I decided to lift it with my bare hand and keep it aside and move forward.
  • However, they lose some of the other advantages of bare cast iron.
  • Apart from these bare facts, nothing certain can be gathered from contemporary accounts.
  • It may be applied to bare soil, or around existing plants.
  • Has yellow feet and a bare patch of grey-green skin between the bill and eyes.
  • From its eastern shore the mountains rise in almost bare walls of rock to a height of from to above the water.
  • Many records of real estate bare the name Lisbon on them to this day.
  • However, it concluded that without such foreign sources, it would take years at a bare minimum.
  • Throughout most of the school's history, elementary school children have been allowed to attend in bare feet.
  • It is a bird of bare mountain areas with some low vegetation.
  • There is a town in the distance, and bare rocky mountains beyond.
  • He then breaks the ship in half with his bare hands and feet, drowning them both.
  • Although later, when bare hand fights appeared as well, it was the weapons events that became the most famous.
  • The influence of Bare and his family over the development and affairs of one town is rather remarkable for this region.
  • Hence, a larger area of bare steel would only be protected around the edges.
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Meaning of bare

  • verb Lay bare
    bare your breasts, bare your feelings
  • adjective Lacking its natural or customary covering
    a bare hill, bare feet