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  • Like other members of its genus, it has a bare neck and head.
  • He did not claim to think it up as a bare idea.
  • As a result, the tower has a bare west side, with no windows.
  • On the day she gave her famous speech he walked beside her horse bare-headed.
  • It actually picked up the one seat it needed for a bare majority.
  • The little children are gathered around a bare table without anything to eat.
  • Cover does not appear to be important as dead trees with bare branches are used.
  • Women dance into the fire with their bare feet without suffering any injury or pain.
  • All bare parts are yellow in color, including both the bill and the legs.
  • It has a yellow bill with blue bare skin around the eyes and legs.
  • It has bare pink skin at the base of its large red-brown bill.
  • The bare skin around its eyes is red, as are its red bill and legs.
  • Even with his bare hands, he can fell nine or ten opponents.
  • I doubt whether we shall be able to pay for the bare minimum necessary for our defence.
  • They could sometimes feel the other's hot gasps on their bare arms.
  • The bill and strong legs are bright yellow, and there is no bare skin around eye.
  • The original document is still closed, but the bare fact of the activity itself is available.
  • In the south, dinner is served on a low, bare table.
  • If you put a piano in a room, just a bare piano.
  • The eye is surrounded by a small area of bare skin, which is either white or yellow.
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Meaning of bare

  • verb Lay bare
    bare your breasts, bare your feelings
  • adjective Lacking its natural or customary covering
    a bare hill, bare feet