bare metal

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  • These units came painted black from the factory while most others were bare metal.
  • The aircraft has once again been returned to its bare metal and white fiberglass appearance.
  • Bare metal is computer hardware that runs without an operating system.
  • The oil film will be swept away leaving nothing but bare metal and the risk of seizure.
  • In most of the aircraft, the logo was also painted on the engines over its bare metal colour.
  • The output from such condensers is nearly two times higher than from a bare metal roof, all else remaining constant.
  • The bare metal sheath, at earth potential, was considered safe to touch.
  • Bare machine (or bare metal), in computer parlance, means a computer without its operating system.
  • ESX runs on bare metal, without running an operating system, unlike other VMware products.
  • The technology supports bare-metal restore as well as file-based recovery.
  • Original black paint has weathered back to bare metal.
  • The company indicated this was their first 'bare-metal' implementation.
  • The DPDK was originally designed to run using a bare-metal mode which is currently deprecated.
  • The operating system allowed multiple programs to run concurrently but most systems were coded "on the bare metal".
  • The two left-most areas (with the spool post on the left) are both common (ground) and are thus always bare metal.
  • The remaining surfaces of the crown are bare metal.
  • Rather than the usual bare metal, here the turnbuckles are covered with padding in order to protect participants and staff.
  • Nothing worked, short of sandblasting to bare metal.
  • Once water seeps through to the bare metal, oxidation will begin (plain steel will simply rust).
  • The bare metal finish jet has a checkerboard unit insignia on its vertical tail.
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