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  • He has achieved much in the barbershop world, including becoming a singing judge.
  • Places attended just by men, like barbershops, were also points of distribution.
  • The trips into town also offered them the chance to get their hair cut in a real barbershop. Cited from Trinity Atomic Bomb by White Sands Missle Range
  • Men who did not have their own private hair or shaving services would visit the local barbershop.
  • The two have worked together in live action films like Barbershop and First Sunday.
  • Because of this usage, it remains one of the most widely known songs within the barbershop community.
  • While these traditional songs still play a part in barbershop today, barbershop music also includes more current titles.
  • His father began working as a barber, and later opened many barbershops of his own throughout the city.
  • His father ran a barbershop and his family had their doubts about an artistic career.
  • They get the money, and the barbershop reopens with even better business than before.
  • The song was used in Prince of the City, in the barbershop scene.
  • He then opened his barbershop to await an answer which never arrived.
  • The group was barbershop-based in its early days.
  • Music Central consists of men from various walks of life who are interested in the barbershop style.
  • The church's first meetings took place inside a converted barbershop.
  • This is usually done in a barbershop or carried out by the parent.
  • Hunt also acquired business sense and awareness of social issues from working for his father in a barbershop.
  • Some salons have also incorporated the single-chair barbershop model into their businesses.
  • The British convention is the largest barbershop convention of its kind outside of North America.
  • In barbershop music, the word overtone is often used in a related but particular manner.
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Meaning of barbershop

  • noun A shop where men can get their hair cut