Barbed Wire Massacre

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  • This event also marked the second time the Barbed Wire Massacre match type was used by TNA.
  • Keller gave the Street Fight three stars out of five, while the Barbed Wire Massacre was given two and a quarter stars out of five.
  • Keller felt the Barbed Wire Massacre "largely delivered" on what people "expected based on the build up."
  • Caldwell said the Barbed Wire Massacre was "well developed" but was "below expectations."
  • Regarding the Barbed Wire Massacre, Sokol believed it was a "decent match overall."
  • The South Carolina Athletic Commission originally gave TNA permission to hold Barbed Wire Massacre, however they receded their blessing prior to the event.
  • The Barbed Wire Massacre and Booker T versus Robert Roode bouts were both ranked with a six out of ten.
  • In Barbed Wire Massacre, the ring ropes are switched with strands of barbed-wire and several weapons are featured wrapped in barbed-wire.
  • The second-ever Barbed Wire Massacre was the sixth match on the card between Abyss and Judas Mesias, who was accompanied by Father James Mitchell.
  • James Caldwell of the Pro Wrestling Torch also reviewed the event, giving the main event his highest rating of four and one-quarter stars out of five and the Roode versus Booker and Barbed Wire Massacre his lowest rating with one star each.
  • Turning Point is remembered for the first-ever Barbed Wire Massacre, the announcement of TNA's signing of the wrestler Sting, and Samoa Joe's title win which was ranked by TNA as the 34th greatest moment in the company's history.