barbed wire fences

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  • When they reached him they saw that he had run into a barbed-wire fence in the dark. Cited from The Dozen from Lakerim, by Rupert Hughes
  • Two of the latter caught me with a barbed-wire fence between me and the river. Cited from The Road, by Jack London
  • The security forces soon set up a guard post and a barbed wire fence around the grove.
  • Today one can see only barbed-wire fences protecting vacant land and old streets where houses once sat.
  • It remains the only barbed-wire fence along a Russian border in Europe.
  • "As long as the barbed wire fences hold out they'll never get us." Cited from More Tish, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • The visitor moved over against the barbed-wire fence and sat down to his mail. Cited from Traffics and Discoveries, by Rudyard Kipling
  • Another escapee is seen being injured in the face when she runs into a barbed wire fence.
  • First of all you will see our lines of barbed wire fencing and entanglements. Cited from Uncle Sam's Boys with Pershing's Troops, by H. Irving Hancock
  • The last are divided off from one another by barbed wire fences. Cited from Turkish Prisoners in Egypt, by Various
  • The camp-ground was about three hundred feet long and seventy-five feet wide, surrounded by a barbed-wire fence about ten feet high. Cited from Three Times and Out, by Nellie L. McClung
  • The original camp (known as the old camp) was surrounded by barbed-wire fence.
  • Surround him in the silence of some black night, and build a barbed-wire fence around him. Cited from The Autobiography of Methuselah, by John Kendrick Bangs
  • They were surrounded by a barbed wire fence six feet high. Cited from Black Bruin, by Clarence Hawkes
  • The whole camp is roughly long by wide, surrounded by a barbed-wire fence.
  • At that time, the wall was only a low barbed wire fence.
  • She couldn't pick flowers from a barbed-wire fence, could she? Cited from The Princess Aline by Richard Harding Davis
  • Another scene is of Thomas holding onto a barbed wire fence while the band stands in the background.
  • It was surrounded by barbed-wire fencing, with eight machine-gun towers located all around the camp.
  • In mid-September we nodded to each other from opposite sides of a barbed wire fence. Cited from Punch, Vol. 153, Aug 15, 1917, ed. by Sir Owen Seaman
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