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  • A few men got as far as the German barbed wire but no further.
  • A few men reached the German barbed wire but got no further.
  • More recently barbed tape has been used in more commercial and residential security applications.
  • There was no barbed wire, so the whole area had to be covered.
  • Some of the soldiers reached the barbed wire, but were unable to get through it.
  • The museum is thought to have the largest collection of published material concerning barbed wire.
  • The barbed tip sometimes breaks off, but it works its way out through the skin over time.
  • At the base, barbed wire runs along the length of the wall.
  • The barbed wire which fenced us in did not cause us any real fear.
  • The barbed wire around the complex disappeared and was replaced by high and secure walls.
  • They got to within of the barbed wire defences before the division's guns opened fire.
  • The campus-style facility contains individual one-story buildings surrounded by fencing and barbed-wire.
  • He is caught in barbed wire in No Man's Land between the enemy lines.
  • Though often used in many areas for horses, barbed wire is not advised; its use is considered poor management.
  • Part of the grounds were surrounded by barbed wire to provide open space for exercise.
  • Machine gun and infantry positions would be protected by barbed wire and mine fields.
  • Wilson attempts to reach him, but gets caught on some barbed wire.
  • Barbed wire is considered to be one of the most important factors in American progress and settlement.
  • He became entangled in barbed wire when he fell down between the two fences.
  • One theory is that the infection was caused by a barbed wire injury during an escape attempt.
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Root form of barbed is barb for the verb.

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Meaning of barbed

  • verb Provide with barbs
    barbed wire