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  • He would take us along when he spoke at various high school banquets around the state.
  • Events include a grand banquet, social events, and activities run by various student organizations.
  • He showed him at his own table, and took him to the banquets given by his friends. Cited from A History of Rome, Vol 1, by A H.J. Greenidge
  • Most nations also host at least one banquet per week, where a three course dinner is served.
  • Now that the son was dead, the father had no need for a banquet.
  • Where are the banquets that used to be given, one after another? Cited from Armenian Literature, Anonymous
  • He held a large banquet where each guest was expected to bring a gift.
  • Her final test may be to dance at the king's banquet.
  • They invited the men to a banquet where they were provided with food and drink.
  • On the first floor was the great hall of the castle in which banquets would have been held.
  • Then the others were called from the ships, and we banqueted together. Cited from National Epics, by Kate Milner Rabb
  • She would come down town at noon to meet him, and then -- what banquets! Cited from A Man and a Woman, by Stanley Waterloo
  • He then invited her children to a banquet and burnt them all to death.
  • I was handsome enough still, but he never looked at me at the banquets. Cited from Uarda, by Georg Ebers, v7
  • He hosts a large banquet, attended by nearly all the main characters.
  • What a series of banquets on blood and warm, almost living flesh is here presented! Cited from American Architect and Building News, Vol. 27, Jan-Mar, 1890,by Various
  • Likewise, all banquets began with the first cup of wine being offered to them.
  • Private events were hosted in several banquet rooms on the floor below.
  • The centre contains several large rooms is used for concerns, banquets, and other special events.
  • Some matches were played as part of district festivals, with large banquets following play.
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Synonyms of banquet

Meaning of banquet

  • noun A ceremonial dinner party for many people
  • noun A meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed
    a banquet for the graduating seniors, the Thanksgiving feast, they put out quite a spread