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  • This new body held meetings in Bandung for several years without any result.
  • To pursue his dream, he moved to Bandung for continued his high school.
  • The area in and around Bandung also developed as industrial area.
  • In the early 20th century, Bandung grew into an important settlement and a well-planned city.
  • After the Bandung conference, China's international political situation began to gradually improve.
  • He is to live in Bandung for his entire life.
  • The food in Bandung is well known for their wide varieties and taste.
  • He developed the techniques through his experience as a street fighter in the 1960s Bandung.
  • Born and raised in Bandung, she dropped out of senior high school to begin a career as a model and actress.
  • The situation settled down and Sumitro went back to Bandung to complete his course.
  • The station was meant to be the main connection to the east (Bandung).
  • The real danger has come in the form of several floodings in Bandung's south.
  • The first generation of this force was only around a hundred soldiers or one company, headquartered in Bandung.
  • The crisis was brought to a close during the Bandung conference.
  • Early in the holiday go to Bandung, she met a man.
  • This conference has been described as the 'intellectual father' of the Bandung Conference.
  • She was provided with a house in Bandung and a pension for the rest of her life.
  • In the year 1962, two friends from the same high school before, met again in Bandung.
  • After his release from prison in 1922, he taught in Bandung in a lower school.
  • It is currently the fastest way to go to Bandung from the capital.
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Meaning of Bandung

  • noun A city in indonesia; located on western java (southeast of jakarta); a resort known for its climate