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  • This time their appearance on American Bandstand once again featured all four members.
  • Besides its unusual design, the bandstand is significant for its place in local history.
  • There was also a bandstand in the middle of the rock garden area as well.
  • Over fifty artists featured across four stages, as well as a musical bandstand.
  • In addition, the open air bandstand is used for various band concerts throughout the summer months.
  • For many years the bandstand played host to a full programme of military bands.
  • Next to the main church there is a big open square, with a bar under the bandstand.
  • The bandstand within the park is used to host musical events.
  • Also, there is a bandstand in the center, used mainly for city band performances.
  • He shocked his Australian fans after his first Bandstand appearance after his return.
  • The park has a small bandstand with musical events offered on major holidays.
  • Visiting bands and music groups present concerts from the central bandstand every summer evening.
  • As band concerts lost their popularity, so the park lost its bandstand.
  • In more recent times, the bandstand has hosted music to a much younger generation and popular throughout the summer.
  • They also appeared on numerous regional television shows across the US, and on American Bandstand.
  • It is unusual in being a bandstand in a residential square rather than a large public park.
  • The interior of the club was longer than it was wide and the bandstand all the way in the back.
  • There is also a bandstand and a children's play area.
  • They contain a bandstand opening to a wide space and is used by bands in many weeks of the summer season.
  • List of acts who appeared on the television show American Bandstand.
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Meaning of bandstand

  • noun A platform where a (brass) band can play in the open air