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  • Ten years after leaving the band, he revealed personal information about his former bandmates.
  • His bandmates distance themselves from him, leaving him to work alone in his studio.
  • Upon her death, her former bandmates continued to perform shows during the summer months.
  • It is also believed he is no longer in contact with his former bandmates.
  • Eventually, he showed them to his bandmates, and they decided to perform them.
  • Smith came from such a different background than his other three bandmates.
  • Knowing no one, he looked for bandmates among his fellow students.
  • Just prior to his death, he left instructions for his bandmates on how to use them.
  • This was the first time Head was involved with any of his former bandmates since leaving the band.
  • He credited his bandmates and mother with helping him through the difficult time.
  • All I care about and all I have is my music, my bandmates and my band.
  • Prince refused to speak during the interview, and, thus, bandmates spoke for him.
  • There were many months of rehearsing new material before they found any new bandmates.
  • He, along with his former bandmates, has finished recording their tenth album.
  • He met his bandmates while he was bouncing a party in middle school.
  • Joining the band at twenty-five, he was considerably younger than his former bandmates.
  • Each Monday, they would present the song ideas that they had developed to their bandmates.
  • My other bandmates may have a different take on it.
  • I want to remain true to myself, my bandmates, and you, our loyal fans.
  • He remains on good terms with his former bandmates.
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