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  • He used to work with bandmate Tom Smith in a call centre before the band got a record deal.
  • He talked with his old bandmate Karl and they started a new band.
  • He was born the last of eight children, including six older sisters and an older brother, later bandmate Ray.
  • The first man she sees is Ray's quiet, low-key bandmate Frank.
  • The video and song feature his former bandmate, Young Rome.
  • There he met and became friends with bandmate Ryan Tedder during their senior year.
  • There was a mention later in the play about him eventually being killed by a bandmate striking him in the head with a guitar.
  • The project came together to record some songs about their friend and bandmate Thomas Rhodes, who had killed himself earlier that year.
  • However, they stopped short of criticizing their former bandmate and expressed hope that Starr would turn his life around.
  • Future friend and bandmate Jimmy McGlothin received his first electric guitar when he was nine years of age.
  • The songs provided a fitting summary of the rise and fall of their former bandmate.
  • They're both on good terms along with her former bandmate Noel Sullivan.
  • He has said that the song is not about his Beach Boys bandmate Brian Wilson.
  • Floor was diagnosed with a burnout herself just like her former bandmate.
  • Also in junior high school, he met future bandmate Hughie Thomasson and the two became close friends.
  • The album was the group's first to feature bandmate, John Hermann.
  • He met future bandmate Jon Foreman on their high school water polo team and the two became friends.
  • Winter's former bandmate from Brother, Bill Wallace, came in to take over bass duties.
  • His current bandmate David Desrosiers took his place as lead vocalist and bass guitarist.
  • In sixth grade, he was in the same class as his future bandmate Scott Rockenfield.
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