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  • Unlike the previous three years, the Bandits did not win the regular season title.
  • When the bandits heard that, they lost their will to fight.
  • They fired at the bandits through the car windows and from behind the train.
  • The other bandits, in order to keep the peace in the group, keep quiet.
  • They are attacked by a group of bandits, and after a brief fight they escape.
  • When the bandits arrived, they read the letter and took pity on the boy.
  • She immediately leaves the bandits and teams up with them.
  • The team moved to become the Jackson Bandits after their second season.
  • Only nine soldiers had been stationed in the area for protection against the bandits.
  • Some of them are named after real-life bandits.
  • The bandits immediately ran out the door and sped away with nothing for their effort.
  • The bandits suddenly appear and after a brief fight take the knight prisoner.
  • They also had to fight off two attacks by bandits.
  • His wife then betrayed him, his children were killed by bandits, and he lost all his wealth.
  • Anderson started late in the season and quickly became the starting running back for the Bandits.
  • He planned to reach a second floor window, stick his gun out and let the bandits have it.
  • They said that the bandits had made their way to the coast and seized control of ten huge vessels.
  • Currently he is playing with the Bandits in the new league.
  • The royal authority was so weak in some remote places that bandits were the effective power.
  • He tells them how he was attacked by bandits near the castle but saved by an unknown knight.
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Root form of bandits is bandit for the noun.

Meaning of bandits

  • noun An armed thief who is (usually) a member of a band