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  • With little information to go by, Blue goes in search of the bandit.
  • The end of each round features a boss battle with a bandit leader.
  • She is initially persuaded more by the money than her love for Bandit.
  • The bridge takes its name from the fact that much of this area was dangerous bandit country in past centuries.
  • This does not go so much for the Bandit choice who must go close up to enemies to attack.
  • There can be no doubt as to the origin of the word bandit, which has the same meaning.
  • The sixth bandit went into the sea about three or four miles off to starboard.
  • The one-armed bandit murder was a criminal case in the north east of England.
  • There has been no contact from Bandit for quite a while.
  • He is called soft by his fellow bandits, since he does not like his life as a bandit.
  • He then returned to Bandit Petersburg but this time playing a different role.
  • Law enforcement also stepped up its own campaign against the bandit.
  • Despite their work, the Bandit never went into commercial production, and only five have survived, making them very rare.
  • Guiliano can now feel that his time as a bandit is coming to an end.
  • Sometimes the mission can be to defeat the bandit leader.
  • The film was known during production as War Lord and China Bandit.
  • Bandit the family dog also appeared in the series.
  • Some members of the bandit network were well-established farmers.
  • It also has a one-piece seat, unlike the Bandit.
  • He is considered to be the last great bandit of the pre-fascist era.
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Meaning of bandit

  • noun An armed thief who is (usually) a member of a band