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  • The men had banded together in the first place to build up the inner man.
  • Many base family units, however, banded together to form extended families.
  • In both these latter cases the banded colours were extended around the ends.
  • Because of this, they can be easily banded while they are still in the nest.
  • These early settlers banded together to provide law and order to a land that was wild and dangerous.
  • Banded birds have been identified in the same territory for periods of up to five years.
  • People of the county banded together to save the old structure, raising money and moving it to its present location.
  • This local business group banded together to purchase the team.
  • Since we were teenagers, we banded against everything and anyone that got in our way.
  • Finding a new director was going to take some time, so the artists banded together and attempted to manage the company themselves.
  • The double-banded sandgrouse is most often seen in groups of one to five birds, often two or four.
  • A team will be banded per subject field to oversee the management.
  • Two black stripes line both sides of the face, and the long tail is banded by black.
  • Union literature was used with all churches banded together.
  • It should also be borne in mind that Dutch secondary education is banded at an early age.
  • Meanwhile Jack and Paul banded together to find her themselves.
  • In most cases the teeth will be banded and then brackets will be added.
  • He also called for the pay of all employees to be banded in grades.
  • It has upper body hair banded light and dark, giving a speckled olive-brown appearance.
  • Grumbach has a the club community in which several clubs have banded together.
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Root form of banded is band for the verb.

Meaning of banded

  • verb Bind or tie together, as with a band
  • adjective Identified with a band especially around a leg
    kept watch for the return of their banded birds