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  • Info Bande is a municipality in Ourense (province) in the Galicia region of north-west Spain.
  • The economic failure and his wife's depression drives Bande to start drinking.
  • As in its English equivalent, the word "bande" can be applied to both film and comics.
  • He has performed with major opera houses and with the ensemble La Petite Bande.
  • C'etait a la fois l'Achille de Paris et de la bande. Cited from Les compagnons de Jehu, by Alexandre Dumas
  • Eventually, Bande drunkenly burns down the store and kills himself using the hunter's gun.
  • Sira and Bande leave them as they check out the cannabis field.
  • I leapt to my feet feeling quite ready for the fray -- Bande Mataram! Cited from Home and the World, by Rabindranath Tagore
  • Their participation ended after the Allies captured Bande.
  • The French used the area and called it "Bande de Laurier."
  • They continued to exist into the seventeenth century with far less military importance, although a command in a Bande d'ordonnance was still a considerable social distinction.
  • She has worked with period instrument ensemble La Petite Bande.
  • Est-ce que le batiment ne commence pas a donner de la bande? Cited from La veille d'armes, by Claude Farrere et Lucien Nepoty
  • C'etait le premier de la bande des Indiens. Cited from Les chasseurs de chevelures, by Captain Mayne-Reid
  • Elle s'etend en formant une bande fragmentee le long de la mer. Cited from La grande ombre, by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Le jour est un trop grand regard pour de certaines actions; la bande se dispersa. Cited from Actes et Paroles, vol. III, by Victor Hugo
  • "On est delivre de cette bande!" he said, pointing to the yard, and she went a little nearer. Cited from The Happy Foreigner, by Enid Bagnold
  • This novel also contains the song Bande Mataram.
  • Ils paraissaient etre de toutes les nations et de la meme bande. Cited from L'homme Qui Rit, by Victor Hugo
  • The "Bande a Cavallo" were native units that were recruited from Italian officers who commanded these units.
  • It also has a large reservoir and a huge rock which is popularly known as kugo bande or the rock that screams.
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