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  • However, the scholar Bandaru Tammayya has argued that he was born a Jangama (devotee of the god Shiva).
  • He was unanimously elected as the Telangana BJP president succeeding Bandaru Dattatreya.
  • There is a private hospital donated by Sri Bandaru Shyam kumar Garu.
  • His primary schooling was done in Avinagadda, Plus 2 (intermediate) in Bandaru Noble college, and finally did his Bachelor of Arts from Madras Christian College.
  • It is generally accepted that he was born a brahmin and later adopted the Shaiva faith, although according to the scholar Bandaru Tammayya he was born a Jangama (follower of the Shaiva faith).
  • It was also alleged that none of the leaders including Mr Chandrasekhar Rao, Gaddar or the BJP leader, Mr Bandaru Dattatreya, who were present at Tank Bund tried to stop the mob.
  • Gullipilli Sowria Raj v. Bandaru Pavani is an Indian Supreme Court ruling in a lawsuit involving the legality of the marriage to a Hindu woman of a Christian man who had represented himself as Hindu.