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  • Immediately, Christopher walked into the village of the Wasaka, and asked them to set the Bandars free.
  • This resulted in a dedicated friendship between Christopher and the Bandars, which would be continued in the generations to come after them.
  • The Bandars showed Christopher to a cave, which resembled a human skull in appearance.
  • The Wasaka, shocked at seeing what many of them thought was their Demon God come alive, were fought down, and the Bandars were finally set free after centuries in slavery.
  • I was kindly received by Mr. Carter, an Englishman, who is one of the Bandars or licensed traders of the port, who offered me hospitality and every assistance during my stay. Cited from Malayan Literature, by Various Authors
  • They were even appointed as governors of Mergui, viceroys of Tenasserim, port governors and Shah-bandars (senior port officials).
  • After learning the language of the Bandar tribe, Christopher learned that the majority of their people were slaves of the Wasaka, a tribe consisting of what the Bandars called "giants".