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  • Info Bandar or Bunder is a Persian word meaning "port" and "haven".
  • Haifa told that when she saw Bandar first, she had a feeling she would marry him.
  • A new bridge is being constructed on bandar canal and Apartment culture is growing in this place now.
  • His brother Bandar was imprisoned for one year and later released.
  • So he remain in Bandar-e Anzali for his contract's last year.
  • Bandar lived with his mother and his aunt in his early years, and he had little contact with his father when he was very young.
  • The assassin's brother Bandar was also put in prison for one year and later released.
  • She further said that her mother also liked Bandar.
  • Bandar Kinrara is served by several primary and secondary schools within its vicinity.
  • The nearest town to the school is Bandar T6, located less than five minutes to the school.
  • Various ports around the world derive their names from the word "bandar".
  • Bandar Abbas is situated on flat ground with an average altitude of above sea level.
  • A bandar is the sea shore near boat jetty where fishing boats are anchored.
  • It was headed toward Bandar Abbas as it went down for unknown reasons.
  • Bandar Gaz became an industrial center due to its location in the commercial highway in northwest Iran.
  • Bandar's isolation ended when he was eleven years old, a few years later when King Abdulaziz died.
  • Bandar Permaisuri, which means Queen's town, is the district capital as well as the administrative centre.
  • The first secondary school SMK Bandar Utama was also opened around the same time.
  • Bandar's military career ended in 1977 after he crash-landed his jet and suffered a severe back injury.
  • Bandar-log communicate almost entirely through the repetition of other animals' speech.
  • Christopher later learned of a Bandar prophecy that featured a man coming from the ocean to save them from their slavery.
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