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  • Banda has to this day remained popular throughout the central and northern states.
  • Many of his plays had a political and human rights message during the one party state under Banda.
  • Banda Street lies on a hill, which has gone through several name changes over the decades.
  • Banda ran for president in the democratic elections which followed and was defeated.
  • He also served for one year as president of the local Bar Association in Banda.
  • Traditional music, called Banda music, is still the most played genre in the area.
  • Banda was elected the country's first president for a five-year term; he was the only candidate.
  • She made many decisions as Banda became older and could no longer run the affairs of the country.
  • La Banda Primitiva has been awarded the first prize many times since then.
  • One should avoid travelling through the cities like Banda in evening hours and night since they are not safe.
  • Every business building was required to have an official picture of Banda hanging on the wall.
  • Fresh elections were held the following year, in which Banda was defeated.
  • It was the only fort of this kind throughout the Banda Islands.
  • No radio station exists in Banda but broadcasts from radio stations in other cities are received.
  • Banda was succeeded by Michael Ramodibedi after he retired due to his health.
  • The competition largely destroyed the value of the Banda Islands to the Dutch.
  • Banda has released almost nothing since the early 2000s however.
  • Banda used them to have access to rural areas.
  • It moved northwest into the Banda Sea and deepened during the next two days.
  • Banda's family is skeptical about his claims because of the property claims that his heritage would mean.
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