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  • The title track is one of the band's best known songs.
  • This extended play was recorded and released right after the band's break-up.
  • Although it initially started as a dance group, they turned to an all-female band.
  • The stage was now set for the band's most popular era.
  • However, he often left the bands he played in before they found any real success.
  • It is also the band's last album to be released by that label.
  • Thus, the band re-recorded five songs from these albums to include on the collection.
  • He is particularly unusual in that he is a one-man band.
  • He was a member during the band's most successful period.
  • From this point forward, the band's line-up would change frequently.
  • The tradition of high quality bands is not limited to the football field.
  • In his usual style, he once again brings together an all-star band.
  • The first self-titled album under their new name as a three-piece band was successful.
  • All recording plans were put on hold and the band's future was in doubt.
  • The band was further expanded to become a five-piece band.
  • This was the first time the two bands performed live together.
  • The album features a strong group presence with significant writing contributions from all band members.
  • He earned a living as an opening act and back-up band for jazz groups.
  • As a result, the band re-recorded some old songs.
  • The video was only made available on the band's official website for one day.
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Meaning of band

  • noun Instrumentalists not including string players
  • noun A stripe or stripes of contrasting color
    chromosomes exhibit characteristic bands, the black and yellow banding of bees and wasps
  • noun An adornment consisting of a strip of a contrasting color or material
  • noun A range of frequencies between two limits
  • noun A thin flat strip of flexible material that is worn around the body or one of the limbs (especially to decorate the body)
  • noun A driving belt in machinery
  • noun A thin flat strip or loop of flexible material that goes around or over something else, typically to hold it together or as a decoration
  • noun A strip of material attached to the leg of a bird to identify it (as in studies of bird migration)
  • noun A restraint put around something to hold it together
  • verb Bind or tie together, as with a band