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  • The ballroom is said to have been the largest in the British Empire.
  • Marriott also wanted to build multiple mid-size meeting rooms rather a few large ballrooms.
  • In the following years, he organized her performances in the grand ballrooms of Italy.
  • It was probably a reception/ballroom originally, and has served various functions in education.
  • We recorded it in the ballroom of some hotel in New York, way up by the river.
  • After a few months, he was back in full health, and returned to the Tower Ballroom.
  • In the 19th century, the dance became popular in many ballrooms in different parts of Europe.
  • He worked as a music teacher and played in many ballrooms across Portland.
  • These concerts allowed the band to play far more out and out jazz than it could otherwise do in ballrooms.
  • These included the addition of a full-service restaurant, bar, and ballroom.
  • Soon the band was playing in ballrooms coast to coast.
  • Social dance forms a large part of the evening; actual ballroom dancing may or may not occur.
  • In more recent years, most are at the ballrooms of various hotels throughout the city.
  • Scott comes from a family with a history of ballroom dancing and has been training since childhood.
  • Sometimes ballrooms have stages in the front of the room where the host or a special guest can speak.
  • The original ballroom still exists, and is used for important university functions.
  • City events are also held in the ballroom of the Falls Hotel.
  • Ballroom dance team's goals are to have fun and learn to dance well.
  • The ballroom has become a world-famous musical venue (see main article).
  • It was connected to the Great Ballroom nearby and it was possible to join them together.
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  • noun Large room used mainly for dancing