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  • Their bald heads and faces were painted one half blue and another half red or yellow.
  • And why, in Heaven's name, is the back of your head bald?
  • In one episode, it is revealed that he is bald on top, with hair around it.
  • Take, for example, the claim that the present king of France is bald.
  • Their bodies are covered with long, loose hair but their heads are bald.
  • It is largely without trees and green areas, in its place are bald rocks and sand.
  • The man on the left is older and is nearly bald; the man on the right has black hair.
  • Both are relatively common, the bald eagle more so along the coast than in the mountains.
  • But once he has passed by, no one can grasp him, the back of his head being bald.
  • Bald Point has long been a place for commercial fishing activity.
  • He was initially bald, but now boasts a human-like head of black hair.
  • They say: he that tells stories in the daytime, his children will turn bald.
  • One of the well known features is a bald spot on the corner of the west and south parts of the mountain.
  • She goes to serve the family of a woman who must hide the fact that she is bald from her husband.
  • The first alternative, in its baldest form at least, has passed from out the field of controversy. Cited from Darwin and Modern Science, by A.C. Seward
  • They are dedicated to Charles the Bald, at whose request they were written.
  • It does, however, often produce bald faces and blue eyes.
  • Along the river, there are reports of bald cypress trees over one thousand years of age.
  • Once both team members were completely bald, they would win the Fast Forward clue.
  • A Night on Bald Mountain was the only thing I could not find my way with.
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Meaning of bald

  • verb Grow bald; lose hair on one's head
    He is balding already