balanced rudder

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  • She carried a balanced rudder, which reduced the physical effort of turning the wheel.
  • The single semi-balanced rudder was chosen to reduce high speed resistance.
  • The fin was very small, serving only to mount a large, slightly curved, balanced rudder.
  • INDEPENDENCE was a radical design with a very flat scow like hull and a balanced rudder typically used in small boats.
  • Small fins mounted over the tailplane carried balanced rudders, their overall profile almost triangular.
  • Bellerophon carried the first balanced rudder in Royal Navy service.
  • The ships also had a balanced rudder which could be raised and lowered, creating additional stability like an extra keel.
  • Steering was controlled by a single balanced rudder, which gave the ships excellent maneuverability.
  • The mass balanced rudder and elevators were built up from wood/plywood and fabric covered.
  • On all models except possibly the Commodore, this was ply covered and only about a third the height of the balanced rudder.
  • The balanced rudders and elevators were metal structures with the only fabric covering used on the aircraft.
  • The small fin was triangular, carrying a broad balanced rudder which moved in an elevator cut-out.
  • The balanced rudder placed as much of the rudder forward of the stern post as behind it, making such large ships easier to steer.
  • The deep balanced rudder allows a high degree of maneuverability, and the turning radius of the boat is very tight.
  • Its balanced rudder, full and rounded, extended down to the keel.
  • The aircraft had a fixed tailskid undercarriage, while it had no fixed fin, having a balanced rudder instead.
  • Attached to these fins were box rudders and elevators, instead of the balanced rudders first proposed. Cited from British Airships, Past/Present/Future, Geo. Whale
  • At the rear, the fin and horn balanced rudder together were almost circular.
  • From one to the other, with boathooks and paddle, we crept past the outer wings of their balanced rudders till we reached the landing place. Cited from An Australian in China, by George Ernest Morrison
  • Both had deep horn balanced rudders which extended to the keel.
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