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  • Others note that this often has been balanced by various forms of female authority.
  • But the more social activities were still balanced by the more traditional format.
  • What would it be if her heart were not balanced by a wise head? Cited from The Touchstone of Fortune, by Charles Major
  • The pressure of the wind on its face is balanced by a spring.
  • Thus, is the strong point of practice balanced by law and opinion. Cited from The Monikins, by J. Fenimore Cooper
  • The church in the distance to the right is balanced by the hill in the far left.
  • Every scene between father and daughter is balanced by a corresponding scene between mother and son. Cited from Play-Making, by William Archer
  • One large picture may be balanced by two smaller ones. Cited from The Art of Interior Decoration, by Grace Wood
  • Each art work being balanced by a piece of similar size though sometimes of contrasting subject matter.
  • This is balanced by the fact that they can generally only be opened for writing by a single process at a time.
  • That good is every where balanced by some evil, none will deny. Cited from Lives of the English Poets, by Henry Francis Cary
  • The loss of sound energy is balanced by producing heat energy.
  • The maternal nature of the character was balanced by his physical and public power.
  • Even this may be more than balanced by the illumination of new truth. Cited from Love's Final Victory, by Horatio
  • It must be balanced by exactly as much attraction on one side as another. Cited from The Golden Censer, by John McGovern
  • That quality is balanced by the overall form, very much in keeping with regional building traditions.
  • So, too, life and love are balanced by the star of wisdom. Cited from The Light of Egypt, Volume II, by Wagner/Burgoyne
  • To himself he seemed rather to be pitied; their loss was balanced by his own. Cited from Princess, by Mary Greenway McClelland
  • "Ever since the roof was put on, our increase of population has been exactly balanced by our death rate!" Cited from The Lord of Death and the Queen of Life
  • Thus some pretty powerful cards could be balanced by having a lower canceling cost.
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