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  • At this time the area was known as Bakersville, after one of the town's influential members.
  • Yes, such a man, David Thomas by name, had just ridden towards Bakersville. Cited from The Complete Writings of Charles Dudley Warner V4
  • Bakersville is located just south of downtown, and has experienced recent redevelopment along the River's Edge.
  • He called for forty-five minutes at a stretch, 22 all the time waiting at Bakersville. Cited from Danger Signals, by John A. Hill and Jasper Ewing Brady
  • The second section, a two-lane mountain highway, begins just north of Ledger, and goes northwest bypassing Bakersville.
  • After the battle the corps was posted at the crossroads northeast of Bakersville.
  • Bakersville is located east of Asheville, North Carolina, and has a population of less than 500.
  • In 1980, Ritter purchased a small farm near Bakersville, North Carolina where he built a studio.
  • The jail at Bakersville is a very simple residence. Cited from The Complete Writings of Charles Dudley Warner V4
  • It soon became apparent that mail was being mistaken between Bakersville and Bakersfield, California, and the smaller of the two was forced to change its name.
  • She currently operates her own pottery and gallery, Shambhala Pottery in Bakersville, North Carolina.
  • The town of Bakersville dates from the 1850s and was named for David Baker, an early settler who lived on the site.
  • No municipalities are located in Adams Township, although the unincorporated community of Bakersville lies in the northeastern part of the township.
  • Bakersville was laid out in 1848 by John Baker.
  • There is also a Buddhist temple, at Bakersville.
  • Following the Civil War, the county seat of newly created Mitchell County was relocated to Bakersville, leading to the construction of a courthouse and a growth in population.
  • The service was run by Eddie Baker, and the tent was colloquially referred to as Bakersville.
  • Perfectly colorless and transparent glassy material found at Bakersville, North Carolina has occasionally been faceted as a gemstone.
  • Remaining at Williamsport until the morning of the 23d, we marched on the Hagerstown turnpike to Bakersville, where we remained about three weeks. Cited from Three Years in the Sixth Corps, by George T. Stevens
  • Ridgewood Local Schools formerly included three additional elementary schools in Fresno, Plainfield, and Bakersville until the 2000s.
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