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  • Then in British period it became a district and named as Bakerganj.
  • Formerly the district was called Bakerganj which was established as a district in 1797.
  • Again according to the Mirzaganj inscription, the Bakerganj area was also included in his sultanate.
  • Barisal is a district in south-central Bangladesh, formerly called Bakerganj district, established in 1797.
  • In 1797 the area was established as Bakerganj District but later renamed as Barisal District.
  • The area had been administered as Madaripur subdivision, which was established in 1854 under the then Bakerganj District.
  • Madaripur subdivision was established in 1854 under the district of Bakerganj.
  • Under him the land control of the family was extended to many parganas in the districts of Dhaka, Bakerganj, Tripura, and Mymensingh.
  • After that this kingdom became a Zamindari, while greater part of Chandradwip was named Bakerganj after a Muslim adventurer, Bakar Khan.
  • In 1873 it was separated from Bakerganj and annexed to Faridpur district.
  • Madaripur subdivision was separated from Bakerganj district and annexed with Faridpur District in 1873.
  • The main area covered under this circle is Ashok Rajpath area, Saidpur main drain area, Bakerganj area, Gandhi Ghat area and Bari path area.
  • It then stretched for about from the mouth of the Hugli to the mouth of the Meghna river and was bordered inland by the three settled districts of the 24 Parganas, Khulna and Bakerganj.
  • Backergunje, Backergunge, Bakarganj, or Bakerganj was a former district of British India in the Dacca division of Eastern Bengal and Assam, and is now mostly in Bangladesh.
  • Idilpur came under Madaripur subdivision of Bakerganj district in 1854 and was separated along with Madaripur subdivision from Bakarganj district and annexed with Faridpur district in 1873.