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  • The Bakerboys Distribution company was established in the same year, in partnership with Reynolds and Ellington.
  • Formerly with the Blitz distribution company, Baker's distribution was newly managed by Bakerboys in 2011.
  • As of July 2014, Bakerboys distributes seven brands, some of which are owned by past and current Baker riders.
  • Erik Ellington is an American professional skateboarder and co-owner of skateboard brand, Deathwish, a company that forms part of the Bakerboys Distribution company.
  • Then he turned to scold a crowd of bakerboys, who were late in bringing the last shipments of the luncheon and advanced through the assemblage, raising the great, wicker baskets over the heads of the ladies. Cited from Woman Triumphant, by Vicente Blasco Ibanez
  • Greco's skateboard and clothing brand "Hammers" was launched in October 2014 as part of Bakerboys Distribution.
  • The Palace skateboard brand, which won the "Brand of the Year" award at Europe's Brighton Trade Show in January 2012, announced a distribution deal with Bakerboys in July 2014.
  • Romero appeared in the Baker video production Baker Has A Deathwish (2008) that is a collaboration with "sister" brand Deathwish (as of May 2013, both companies are distributed by Bakerboys Distribution).
  • The company parted ways with Blitz and, in 2007, Reynolds and fellow professional skateboarders, Jim Greco and Erik Ellington, established Bakerboys Distribution to distribute the Deathwish brand -- Baker's distribution was then newly managed by Bakerboys in 2011.
  • He is the co-founder and owner of Baker Skateboards; a part owner of Brigada Eyewear; a partner in Bakerboys Distribution (distributors of Baker, Shake Junt, Deathwish Skateboards, Heroin, Palace and Brigada), and head designer at Altamont Apparel.