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  • There she married Richard Baker, and gave birth to a daughter the following year.
  • Even at an early age young Baker's close application to study injured his health.
  • Three of Baker's books have thus far not been published.
  • At the time claimed to be the fifth largest baker in the United States.
  • Prior to this book, little was known about Baker's personal life but this has now changed.
  • It was almost a decade before US officials allowed Baker back into the country.
  • Georgia Baker said that she sang a song when she was a child.
  • He went only to elementary school, before beginning work as a baker's message boy.
  • Something, however, made the whole party of little bakers hold up their heads to listen. Cited from The Stokesley Secret, by Charlotte M. Yonge
  • Early in October, Baker was promoted again and given the rank of captain.
  • The city is home to Baker University, the oldest four-year university in the state.
  • The story takes place in the home of a family of bakers.
  • Baker wrote a considerable number of books and published articles.
  • However, this would be the final hockey game and goal of Baker's career.
  • The city has a local branch of Baker College, an institution of higher education.
  • Baker, who built a large home along the north bank of Big River, established a community there.
  • Baker's husband said that this novel was based on the couple's own two daughters.
  • After the battle, most of the equipment lost by Baker's force was recovered.
  • The process has nevertheless been adapted by industrial bakers in other parts of the world.
  • Baker himself has said he probably only appears in footage caught while shooting the previous two movies.
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Synonyms of Baker

Meaning of Baker

  • noun Someone who bakes commercially
  • noun Someone who bakes bread or cake