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  • She opposes bailouts of private companies or state and local governments by the federal government.
  • It also does not include state run thrift insurance funds or state bailouts.
  • Systemically important financial institutions are likely to receive government bailouts in the event of failure.
  • Moreover, some economists have argued that the presence of bailouts will force banks to take on more risk than they would like.
  • When the bubble burst, Spain spent large amounts of money on bank bailouts.
  • Greece has suffered an economic depression since 2008 and has sought bailouts from external sources.
  • Paul has been a longtime opponent of the bank and auto industry bailouts.
  • And when homeowners could no longer pay them what they demanded, they went to government and got trillions of dollars of bailouts.
  • For these reasons, even political leaders who are theoretically ideologically opposed to bailouts have generally supported them in times of crisis.
  • The book questions the standard narrative of the recent financial crisis that bailouts were necessary to avoid a Great Depression.
  • Soini has become one of the internationally best-known critics of European Union bailouts and safety mechanisms.
  • Some economists consider the recent bank bailouts in the United States to be corporate welfare.
  • Gathered information on the feasibility of high-altitude bailouts will be useful to the budding commercial space-flight industry.
  • In early 2010 policy makers suggested that emergency bailouts might be necessary.
  • The proposed cures (bailouts, more money creation, and stimulus spending) will just make matters worse.
  • The protests responded to recent government bailouts for financial institutions and the growing income inequality in America.
  • They also call for a nationalization of all banks receiving government bailouts and consider the public debt "illegitimate".
  • Opponents have suggested that these contributions influenced her votes in support of the bailouts and her votes against reform and transparency measures.
  • These instruments also made it virtually impossible to reorganize financial institutions in bankruptcy, and contributed to the need for government bailouts.
  • In this view bailouts serve only to distribute wealth to the well-connected, while long-term costs are borne out by the majority of the ill-informed public.
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